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After cutting through the thick rainforest of Quezon Province going south, Camarines Norte is the first Bicol province to be reached, about 300 kilometers from Manila. Camarines Norte is blessed with a dense rainforest, habitat of numberless variety of wildlife. It is used to be the home of a big group of Agtas(Negritos), the country's early aborigines. The Spanish colonization in Luzon of 1571 drove this peace-loving little people to move to higher levels of woodland. Drawn by the rumor of immense deposit of gold found in Camarines Norte at the towns of Mambulao, and Paracale, the Spaniards mastered in exploring the gold mining potential.

Today, it stayed as a signature industry of the province. More magical in Camarines Norte is the large unshaken pineapple plantation. Capitalizing on this viable product, the people formed an enchanting yearly celebration called Pineapple Festival every May to express their gratitude to this God-given bounty, making a powerful show of unity towards the prosperous industry. Travelers can easily purchase these sweet pineapple stalls brightly along the Pan-Philippine Highway before the capital town of Daet.

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